My Five Self-Care Resolutions For A Lighter 2020

My Five Self-Care Resolutions For A Lighter 2020

I'm not usually one for resolution-making; honestly, I'm more of a serial procrastinator. In my older age, I feel free of the responsibility of throwing and attending flashy NYE parties and all that come with it, including being as hungover as an Irish pirate. I'm more grounded and aware than ever - a trait that I genuinely love about maturity. 

Over the past few days, I've been dwelling on five resolutions I want to focus on in 2020, which will lead me into a more grounded year. 


Use Instagram Less - Blog More.

Why:  I've found myself feeling manipulated and frustrated by corporations and the overall self-obsessed culture around Instagram. I want to slow down, write blogs mainly for myself, but also with the hope of creating a platform for a like-minded community to connect with and be reminded of authenticity and self-love routines. I want to move away from a platform that screams for your constant attention. The goal is for my community to engage if they want to and not feel like I am forcing myself, my brand, and my opinions on them.

Journal Each Morning.

Why: Taking time out for my mental health by setting daily intentions, as well as getting to know myself better. For steps on how to set daily intentions, click here.

Try at least two new types of exercise classes - and ace them.

Why: Opening myself up to new experiences and communities. I love heated yoga and have found it to be a comfort zone of mine.  Even though I'll always practice and take the lessons learned with me in life, I feel it's essential to expand your network and knowledge - I might find something I genuinely love in a new experience. 

Partake In More Local Activities.

Why:  My husband and I have lived in four different cities within the past five years: Cape Town, Washington, D.C, NYC, and now LA. It's been exciting, yes, but also sad to leave behind treasured friendships along the way. Each new city comes with the new challenge of meeting new friends -  I've found it super hard to make adult friends without seeming like a weirdo. Anyone else feel like this sometimes?

I'm going to try out some activities were mingling with adults will be fun, such as enrolling in a pottery course, rock climbing, and weekend yoga retreats.

Make Kitchen Cleaning Products.

Why: It's something that's been bothering me lately. I've become extremely aware of the plastic that comes with buying cleaning products; maybe it's because of all the extra cleaning I've been doing around Thanksgiving and Christmas. My best friend gave me the idea, as she worked on the yachts as a stew and gave me some straightforward tips that are achievable, here they are:  

- For disinfectants: x 1 tablespoon of pure alcohol in two cups of water. 

- For mirrors and windows: x 1 tablespoon distilled vinegar in two cups of water.

I'll report back next month to see how this DIY goes...

I'd love to hear what your self-care resolutions for 2020 are? 


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