Create A Conscious Closet In Four Simple Steps

Conscious Closet - Sustainable and Ethical clothing

Do you want to have a more conscious closet, but don't have a clue where to start? 

We felt this overwhelmed when we made the change, too, so to help you out, we've created a simple guide for you to follow. It'll allow you to trade in your nasty fast-fashion shopping habits for a cleaner wardrobe in no time. (Downloadable clothing quiz below) 

Take Inventory Of Your Closet

- What you wear daily.

- What you haven't worn in over a year.

- Make a list of pieces that you need.

 Donate Or Sell What You Don't Wear Anymore.

- Try on each piece to make sure you're ready to part ways.

- Donate at a Goodwill near you - locate here. Or sell your previously loved items at a Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads for extra money or store credit. 

Buy Secondhand

- Goodwill, Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange, Poshmark, eBay, Etsy, and Depop are obvious sites that come to mind when I'm shopping secondhand. 

- Start a clothing swap group; it's a great way to trade clothing while catching up with old friends and expanding your friendship circle.

Buy Sustainably And Ethically. 

- Buy timeless pieces that aren't "trendy". 

- Envision yourself in a piece before purchasing, and ask yourself these questions:

1. Is it comfortable?

2. Will it match with what I already own/ the new aesthetic I want to go for?

3. Will I be able to wear this to more than one occasion? 


Download our quiz below to help work out which pieces to do what with: 


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