You're Starting To Try For A Baby; Now What?

You're Starting To Try For A Baby; Now What?

Exciting news!!  

Joe and I have decided to grow our family. We had "the" conversation about a month before the Coronavirus pandemic started. After a month in, when shit started getting real, we had to circle back to re-evaluate our decision and weigh up our options. Is this a smart move right now - probably not, but we don't want to wait another year, or leave our future plans to be decided by this virus.  After many back and forth discussions, we finally agreed to keep trying, whoop! 

I want to document my journey from before the beginning to share my experiences, learnings, and tips.  So please comment and join in the conversation if you have questions or advice, I want to hear from you! 

Here are the first five steps I'm taking:

Stopping The Pill

Seems small, but it was a big deal for me emotionally. I had been on the pill for fifteen years, mainly for a contraceptive reason, but also for my skin (teen years) and to control my tiny ovarian cysts. I've been off my pill for two months now. I was nervous about my moods channeling highs and lows or my skin breaking out, but honestly, I have never felt better. My skin is glowing, and my emotions have been more stable.

Taking Prenatal Vitamins

This is so important. You need to make sure you're getting all the right supplements for your body so that you can create the perfect healthy environment for your little person. I'm taking ACTIF prenatal, which is 100% natural, non-synthetic, and has no GMO ingredients - I've linked it here

Going To A Gynecologist

To check up to see if all is good with your health and flower down under. I also want to make sure I have a close bond with the doctor and her team that will bring my child into the world. I have an appointment scheduled next week ( May 4th), so I will keep you all posted regarding her feedback. ( Looping back to this. ) Here are our discussion notes: 

Discussed the importance of a healthy lifestyle, including diet and exercise prior to as well as after conception with emphasis on a diet rich in protein and fiber and low in carbohydrates and sugar, limited intake of alcohol, and regular sleep.
Avoid alcohol and don't smoke, especially once you have a (+)pregnancy test. Recommended I start taking a folic acid-containing Prenatal vitamin.
Keep track of your menstrual cycle and know that your most fertile time of the month is 14 days prior to the next menstrual period.
Follow up only if pregnant, ideally start around 8 weeks.


Download The App - Ovia 

THIS APP IS AMAZING! It's free too! Ovia helps you successfully navigate your journey to becoming a parent.

Here are a few of their features: 

  • Track your period, symptoms, moods, and more!
  • Receive accurate predictions for period and ovulation.
  • Explore articles, fertility facts, and health tips.
  • Read personalized summaries of your health and fertility.
  • Connect with an anonymous community of women.

Get A Good Pre-Seed Fertility Friendly Lubricant

My sister-in-law told me about this. At first, I was like, "WHAT!" But the deeper I dug into past cases, I soon found out it is a common and effective method to conceiving a child. I bought it here - the reviews are through the roof. Before I use it, I'm going to ask my doc what her opinions are - and I'll follow up here. ( Looping back - apparently, this method is not recommended by my gynie. She said natural is best, and one never knows what chemicals are in lubes these days. So bottom line - avoid this.) 

I just want to make it clear that I'm no medical professional and am not recommending you do everything I'm doing. Every woman is different and has a different journey. Everyone should consent to their doctors before using medicines.

Love you, and thanks for following along on my exciting new journey.



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